Hi! I’m a Christian!

Unfortunately, instead of proudly proclaiming my love for Christ and carrying his message out into the world, I find myself ducking my head and mumbling, “Uh, yeah…so, um…I go to church.” WHY am I such a bad follower when it comes to sharing the Good News? Because of the way Christians behave today, especially the way they behave for mainstream media outlets to enjoy. I can’t stand for even one person to think that I carry the same message of hate as so many so-called followers of God.

I’m a Christian. I love God. I love Jesus, his son, who died on the cross for MY sins and rose from the dead so I can be saved. There, I said it.

I also have no problem with gay people; I’m not gay, my marriage and my faith are unaffected by their presence, and the Bible told me to love everyone. I pray for women who are faced with the heart-wrenching choice of terminating a pregnancy and I understand that it’s not about not wanting this tiny blessing, it’s about looking at their four other blessings and realizing they’re all going to starve if she brings another child into their lives. I don’t get a pinched look on my face when the person in front of me pays with food stamps, I smile and make conversation while quietly thinking to myself, “That could be me, except God has (for some unknown reason) provided in abundance for me and my family,” and I remember that the person in front of me with an EBT card was put there to test MY faith and willingness to serve the Lord, NOT to test that person’s willingness to trust God. I have a degree in biology and fully believe that evolution is real and that it was set in motion by the greatest scientist the world has never known

I am flawed by design, smudged by sin, and I am no better than anyone else alive. God risked his reputation when he let me join his club, and I fully intend to live my life so that others can see my flaws, learn from the errors of my ways, and decide that maybe they’d like to see what this club is all about.


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