What’s It Take to be a Christian?

Yup, this is my first blog post on a new site designed to help me (and hopefully other people) make sense of it all. No, I’m not selling my worldly goods and climbing up to a mountaintop cave to “find” myself, but I have discovered that writing these things down helps me understand.

What’s this big question that has me reeling (and creating blogs)?

ANSWER: How do I reconcile being a Christian in 2015 with everything that’s going on around me.

I’ve had the truth of the Bible by my side for most of my life. I get it. I believe it. I’ll go all John 3:16 on you and everything. But like most people, I look at passages about Lot letting the townspeople rape his daughters instead of the stranger he’s hiding in his house or passages about how owning and having sex with slaves is okay but rolling around in the all-you-can-eat shrimp is not, and I have a WTF? moment.

So that’s it. This blog is for me, and really just me, but I invite you to ask WTF? right alongside me. I know the most fundamental truths: God loves us, he created us for a relationship with him, he sent his son to die for us, and I am redeemed because of it. The rest is just details, but those details are what keep so many people away from the truths. I plan to spend a lot of time picking those truths apart and figuring out how they override all that is wrong in the world.


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