God, Be BIG!

This is one of my favorite phrases, and I’ve completely stolen it from Beth Moore. She said one time in a presentation that when she gets so overwhelmed by a situation, she simply prays, “God, be big!” which basically translates into, “You’re God, you’re enormous and all-powerful, now do your thing!”

It takes a lot of trust to pray those words. You’re essentially saying, “I’m turning this over to you, and I’m willing to take whatever you want to do.” Those words don’t mean, “Give me blessings,” or “Make me happy,” they mean exactly what they say. “God, this problem is so far above me and my ability to comprehend, so do with it as you see fit.”

What are the “Be Big” problems in your life?

I’ve had to fall back on Be Big when I learned my friend had had her fourth miscarriage in a row just that morning. I had to ask God to Be Big when my daughter told me her friend and the friend’s mother are living with an abusive man. I’ve asked God to Be Big over the lawsuit we waged against our handicapped child’s school, over job changes, over the decision to quit my job and start my own business.

Of course, God will be big even when we don’t need him to. I’ve prayed for God’s bigness over my daughter’s auditions, over the decision to build a house or buy one, over whether or not we should change churches.

Basically, God can’t help being big. It’s what he does. So when I’m struggling with the words to say to him and I don’t know what to even ask, I take an incredible amount of comfort in asking him to do what he does best, and that’s BE God.


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