Gonna Bake Me a Cake

There is so much talk on the news and social media right now about Christian’s rights. I’m sorry, the term is 100% laughable, a walking joke. It’s the punchline to 200+ years of US history.

We don’t have the “right” to be Christians, we have the right to choose whatever religion we want and to believe whatever we want. We don’t have the “right” to inflict our beliefs on anyone else, and in fact, when our beliefs actively block someone else’s right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” we’ve created a Constitutional issue. We’ve also said, “My religion is more important than your status as a human being and a citizen.”

That’s wrong.

The real issue at hand? These stupid wedding cakes!

I’m married. I even had a cake. I had two cakes, in fact, one wedding cake and one groom’s cake. Guess what? My husband never saw either cake until I shoved a piece in his mouth for a picture at our reception.

So why are bakers suddenly so concerned about the genders of the people who will eventually be honored with a cake? WHO CARES if the cake is going to be eaten by straight people, gay people, Christian people, atheist people, illegal immigrants, Walmart employees…WHO CARES?

By the way, wedding cakes can run the gamut from a couple hundred dollars to THOUSANDS of dollars…are you really going to forfeit thousands of dollars just to prove that you’re legally entitled to? You’re not only hateful, you’re a dumbass! Suze Orman needs to have you on her show and tell the entire country what a moron you are for refusing to take money that would pay your bills, all because YOU don’t agree with how the cake will get eaten?

But there’s a bigger problem here: the same people who wouldn’t bake a wedding cake for a gay couple will happily turn around and charge a lot of money for a Bar Mitzvah cake, a celebration that conflicts with Christian teaching. They’ll make a cake for a fraternity celebration, which is an organization that excludes people based on gender, and in many cases based on religion and race. Do these same people make the increasingly popular “losing my virginity” cake? A bachelorette party cake that celebrates a weekend of drunkenness and promiscuity?

But not the gay cake? That’s strange, and it’s wrong. And it’s not representing Christ in a positive way. Instead of demonstrating God’s love to the world, you shined a light on the fact that Satan’s hatred is at work within the Christian faith. And we’re all going to suffer for it.


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