Faith Like A Goldfish

No, not “faith like the kind a goldfish has,” I mean, “faith in God like I have faith in my goldfish.” Well, now that you think about it, that’s hardly any better. Let me explain.

I am an EARLY riser, and by early, I mean 4am. It’s a long story, but it works for me. I get up without waking the rest of my family, let the dog out of my daughter’s room, head downstairs to take the dog for a quick walk, make the coffee, etc. Somewhere between getting downstairs and taking the dog out, I feed my other daughter’s fish. It’s one of those cute little wispy black fish with the bulging eyes, and in the dark house it’s hard to see him.

But I know he’s there, and I feed him.

I used to cringe while turning on the lights, expecting to see he’d betrayed my by floating belly up during the night. But no, every time, he’d swim to the top and wait for his food. Now, I don’t need to turn on the lights, I just drop in a pinch of fish flakes before heading out with the dog.

And that’s how my faith works, too.

I don’t need the proof of turning on the lights or demanding a sign of some kind. I know God’s there. I can’t see him, but he’s never let me down by floating dead in the tank (that was a metaphor). I don’t have to wait to see if he’s still swimming (and deserving) before feeding him my morning prayers. I know he’s there, swimming around happily looking back at me.

That’s how faith works. Faith is just believing, even when you have absolutely no reason to believe. It’s trusting, when all you have to go on is your gut feeling that you’re being loved and watched over. And really, when it comes down to it, it’s also deciding. You decide to put your life and your trust and your faith in God, even when you can’t turn the lights on.



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