Of course I’m going to have to say SOMETHING…

The Internet is currently awash in both love and hate right now. Rejoicing advocates and friends are painting the World Wide Web with rainbows and celebration posts while hate-mongers declare this to be the end of days. 

Yes, SCOTUS has handed down a decision that declares the legal institution of marriage to be available to all couples. Not threesomes, not human-goat partnerships, certainly not adult-child molestation…just two consenting adults whose genitalia happens to look similar. 

Is it an abomination unto the Lord? I don’t know. He didn’t consult me. 

Is my marriage or my status as a believer affected? No. 

Has my Bible been ripped from my hands and burned on the trash heap? No. 

Has anything at all about my life changed? No. 

So why are so many Christians so furious?

Because they’ve lost their privileged status. They no longer “own” America, and it’s pissing them off. They’re being forced to look around and acknowledge that they’re not the only ones here, and they can’t stand it. 

Face it, folks…this isn’t a Christian country. The founding fathers never intended it to be, but more importantly, God himself doesn’t intend for it to be. God has a Christian country waiting for all of us, and our job as his believers is to bring as many people as we can when we go. We can’t do that if we spread hatred and nastiness. 

We can’t reach out to non-believers if we don’t open our hearts and acknowledge them as people. This decision didn’t change a single thing about my life except this: there is now more opportunity to spread the gospel because the government has just officially recognized an entire segment if the population as being humans. You can’t hear the word and believe if you’re not bring recognized as one of the Lord’s own. 

We have work to do, Christians. It’s to love. 


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