When You’re an Ignorant Christian, Satan Wins

If you’re really genuine in your faith, you live in steadfast fear that Satan will use you for his will. And yet, too many Christians do the devil’s work for him by acting like ignorant assholes about major newsworthy topics. For example, this post that came across my Facebook feed today.


When you fail to understand the scientific facts of abortion (or any other topic), yet you share asinine pseudo-science about things like third trimester abortion, you look stupid. You’re an asshole. You give all Christians a bad name simply by being an uneducated, head in the sand twat.

Are you mad yet? Hate all the name calling? GOOD. You should be pissed. You’re actively causing others to turn away from God! You’re the reason souls aren’t being saved, the very reason that other people look at Christians and turn their backs! Instead, you should be pissed at the idiots who are preaching to YOU with their inaccurate information, and angry at the people who are reading your stupid social media posts and believing them.

Whew! Am I done ranting? Not by a long shot!

If you wish to be a God-fearing Christian who actually leads others to Christ, then get your act together! Stop sharing ridiculous Facebook posts, stop showing the world how stupid you are, and educate yourself on the facts. Get it together this year, and be an educated force for good instead of an idiot who makes all Christians look bad with your stupidity. Learn the facts, read a scientific article once in a while, and be prepared to answer non-believers’ questions. Only then can you really claim you are doing God’s work.

Oh, and if this post made you angry, GOOD. It should. Because Satan’s hand is in it anytime one of us so-called believers causes someone else to go astray. If you’re angry, it could be because you’re guilty of this. But it’s not too late to open your heart, open your mind, and open your eyes to those around you who are just trying to make sense of it all.


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