Where Do You Go When You Have Nowhere To Go?

I started this blog some time ago because I wanted others to know that not all Christians are the people who make the headlines. There are those of us–and honestly, there are plenty of incredible people who don’t identify as Christians–who are working for good on a daily basis. They might be the world changers, or they might just be the people who smile at someone who needs it.

But in the past several years, my family has felt the suffering of not having a church home. We’ve bounced from one church to another, testing them out and never really settling in, attending a church until they did or said something that made us walk away. We’ve been criticized for this practice by people who know us quite well, people who insist that it’s our Christian duty to fellowship with other Christians, even those who don’t see eye to eye with us, recognizing that the church is filled with flawed and sinful people (as it should be).

I agree. I do understand that notion, and yes, it’s fully Biblical. There is no perfect church and there shouldn’t be one, at least not until we are taken home to the Lord. So that leaves us struggling, cringing in our seats while the pastor spouts off about something unBiblical or while two old biddies standing in line for the bathroom talk about why there will never be a black person in their congregations so long as they have breath in their bodies (a fact that I’m happy to help relieve them of). We grab our kids and head for the hills, distancing ourselves from hatred and bigotry.

Truthfully, this election cycle has tried our Christian beliefs in ways I’d never thought possible. The sheer ugliness out of the mouths who claim to profess a love for the Lord has left us feeling empty inside, lost in our own Soddoms. Hopefully, come November, God’s will for loving one another will be done, and we can set our hearts right again.


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