When Satan Wins…

Yes, this is a political post. No, I’m not affiliated with a church, so yes, I’m allowed to get political. I’m just a Christian who doesn’t understand why so many other Christians have never touched their Bibles and therefore don’t know what commandments were given.

Yesterday, the country voted for someone who espouses everything that Christians are not. He adores greed, extra-marital and underaged sex, division of the races, intolerance for other religions, and money. He is the walking embodiment of the “root of all evil.”

Yet, so many of the people who voted for him do so while professing to be Christians. They at least claim to love others (unless you’re black), welcome all into the fold (unless you’re gay), and want unity (unless you’re Muslim).

With so many people serving as keyboard commandos in the fight against evil, where was their action? Where was their literal movement to prevent this? It was nowhere to be found.

So here is a new commandment: get off your ass and do something to show the world how much you love others. Stop hiding behind hashtags and patting yourself on the back. Put a sign in your front yard that says, “You are safe here,” and open your doors to people in need. Stop whipping out your cellphone to video the violence against a black person and actually throw your body between the victim and the assailant…exactly the way Jesus would have done.

Now is not the time to share pathetic messages of love and unity and hope. Now is the time to stand up and say, “Mr. President, you work for me. I am your boss. I love all and welcome all, and that is what my country will do.”

And of course, it is always the time to pray. It is the single most effective thing we can do when we invoke the will of God, but please remember that it is not the ONLY thing we can do.


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